#Tornado in Algarve, #Portugal – video

While the weather is quite in the states, a tornado ripped through Algarve, Portugal. This person filming got lucky that no debris came through their window. I would suggest you not stand at a window with a tornado coming at you. This could have been the last thing they saw. Enjoy!

You can see more videos and pictures of this here – http://www.onweer-online.nl/forum/topic/36577/tornado-treft-algarve-in-portugal-tornado-strikes-/


Derecho June 29 2012 – Time-lapse video

Time-lapse of closest NEXRAD base reflectivity of the June 29 2012 derecho. The time-lapse moves from Davenport, Iowa to Richmond, Virginia over 14 hours.

Langley, Kansas EF-4 tornado on April 14 2012 – Video

This has to be one of the best tornado videos I’ve viewed. It will likely be a favorite for some time. Why you might ask; because there is no SCREAMING. There is no ‘IT’S A TORNADO’, ‘OH MY GOD’, ‘LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT THIS’. Just raw nature at it’s best without all the drama. I’m glad this monster was in the open and I hope no one was hurt.

On April 14, 2012, photographer and storm chaser Stephen Locke documented a cyclic tornadic supercell across central Kansas, eventually witnessing a violent EF-4 tornado near the Langley community, just south of Kanapolis Lake. [ Stephen’s Web page – http://www.tempestgallery.com/ ]

The Langley, Kansas EF-4 tornado