Early look at ‘Possible severe weather’ for November 11-13 2012

This is a look ahead to November 11th through the 13th. As you know things in the weather world change on a dime. Should this verify we may see some strong to severe storms in the South & Southeast, Tennessee valley, Middle & Lower Mississippi valley back into the Central & Southern plains. We are entering our Second Severe Weather Season in these areas. I’ll keep a watch on modeling in the coming days as we near these dates.

Surface to 500mb Bulk Shear in knots. Here it looks pretty impressive and could support severe weather possible Tornadoes. [denotes the change of wind direction with height a measure of vorticity]

Cross over winds in knots from Surface[red] to 500mb[blue] [winds form different direction that may cause spin]

Temperature at the surface during this possible event shows the contrast ahead of the system vs behind it. Notice the 70’s and 80’s ahead and the cooler 30′ and 40′ behind. This is the same setup we deal with in spring as warm and colder air clash.

While dew points are modest approaching the 60’s it doesn’t take high dew points this time of year to provide more energy for storms. [Dew point is the measure of moisture / fuel in the air so to speak]


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