Hurricane #Sandy Life Threatening May Strengthen further – 10/29/12

Sandy continues to strengthen and may, ‘may’ become a category 2 Hurricane before weakening. Regardless of this, this is a dangerous storm and should not be taken lightly.

Complete your final preparations if you haven’t already done so. Stay inside. Stay off the roads. Avoid floodwater’s and downed power lines if you do travel out [NOT RECOMMENDED]. Continue to listen to local officials & follow the forecast.

A reminder if you are riding this dangerous storm out and have already been asked to evacuate or evacuating is/was recommended. Emergency Personal / First Responders will not be risking their lives to come save you. Even if they choose too, it is likely they wouldn’t be able due to flooding, downed trees and other debris blocking many roads.

Currently as of 11:00 AM EDT – Winds: 90 mph | Pressure 943 mb | Location: 33.5N 71.5W (260 miles South-southeast of New York City New York and 205 miles Southeast of Atlantic City New Jersey) | Moving North-Northwest at 18 mph. Tropical storm force winds extend out 485 miles and Hurricane force winds out 175 miles from the center. A tropical Storm ‘Warning’ is in effect for North of surf City to Duck North Carolina and Pamlico / Albemarle sounds. Please Check previous posts for more information on expected impacts.

When Sandy goes Post-Tropical later today, the Foot’s Forecast: Severe Storm Center will be issuing updates and they will be shared with this page.


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