Hurricane #Sandy may Strengthen a little – October 28 2012

Hurricane Sandy is showing signs of strengthening but it’s not a guarantee she will. Hurricane Sandy will be in warm waters of the Atlantic Gulf Stream as she continues to head northward. I expect a slight increase in her strength as far as sustained winds, maybe up to 80 mph around her core. Once she enters cooler waters to her north she will maintain her strength but will not strengthen further.

Here’s the latest on Sandy as of 8:00 AM EDT – Winds: 75 mph | Pressure 951 mb | Location: 32.1N 73.1W (395 miles East of New York City New York and 260 miles Southeast of Cape Hatteras North Carolina) | Moving NE at 10 mph. Currently Tropical storm force winds extend out 520 miles and Hurricane force winds out 175 miles from the center. A tropical Storm ‘Warning’ is in effect from Cape Fear to duck North Carolina, Pamlico and Alnemarle sounds and Bermuda.

What kind of weather to expect and threats … Along the east coast as Sandy heads in a northward direction expect winds to increase ahead of her. Tropical Storm Force winds will be felt today along the outer-banks of North Carolina spreading northward, as well as ruff surf and storm surge. Heavy tropical rains can also be expected along the coast decreasing further inland. Remember as Sandy Moves Northward so shall the adverse weather. Sandy is a large storm and her effects will be felt far from her center. It is important that you not concentrate on where her center is located on a map because of this. Effect’s will be felt long before the center of the storm is near or over land.

For those of you in the Mid Atlantic, Northeast and Southern New England areas, if you haven’t made preparations yet, Now would be the time to do so. High wind watches and warnings are currently in effect for many areas including the Mid Atlantic and New England in advance of Sandy. I urge you to take all Warnings issued by your local national weather service office seriously. Continue to monitor your local media and national weather service offices for Watches and Warning specific to your local area.

Stay with us for timely updates and the latest information as this storm unfolds at Foot’s Forecast: The Tropical Zone .

On a side note – While I am fully capable of speaking weather lingo, I leave it out in most if not all of my posts. I do this because you the general public are likely not to understand it. I give you what you need. Simple, relevant to the point facts and information. Besides, it gives me a headache hahaha. ~ ED


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