Tropical Storm #Sandy .. What’s in a name ?

Don’t focus on what Sandy will be called in days ahead. Whether a Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Post tropical or extra tropical. She’s going to cause problems for many regardless of her name and characteristics.

Depending on the exact track Sandy takes along the east coast, ‘at this time’ areas in North Carolina Today and spreading northward along the Mid Atlantic coast Tonight through Monday can expect rainfall of 1-4 inches with higher totals approaching 8 inches possible in some areas closer to the coast. Minor coastal flooding is expected in low lying areas with some beach erosion due to high surf up to 6 or 7 feet and Gusty winds between 30-40 mph with gusts approaching 60-70 mph possible. Flooding and loss of electricity is also possible inland.

Tropical Storm Sandy Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities

Tropical Storm Sandy – Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities 120 hours as of October 27 2012

At this time here’s what you can expect ‘before and during landfall’ and ‘inland after landfall’ .. Hurricane and/or Tropical Storm force winds for many hours possibly longer. Heavy rains of 8 to 12 inches along the coast and inland causing flooding issues for many. Coastal flooding and erosion for hours due to hurricane/tropical storm force winds and ‘tidal surge’. Power outages widespread, Trees down, Roads closed due to debris / flooding and wash out, Airports and other transportation halted. Basic services shut down for days, a week or longer in some areas. To add to all that as if that’s not enough, major snowfall measured in ‘Feet’ is likely for some areas west of the system in areas of Western Virginia, West Virginia, Southwest Pennsylvania. In surrounding areas of Ohio, Northeast Kentucky back into Indiana snowfall is likely as well as to the north of the system in areas of Southern New York State, East and Northeastern areas of Pennsylvania. There may be some icing issues too.

Tropical Storm Sandy Rainfall Potential

Rainfall Potential Day 1-5

Stay with us for timely updates and the latest information at Foot’s Forecast: The Tropical Zone as this storm unfolds. You can head over to Foot’s Forecast [Website] for more insight and see what goes into understanding a storm like this.


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