Hurricane #Sandy makes landfall in Cuba – October 25 2012

HURRICANE SANDY as of 2:00 AM EDT | Winds: 110 mph | Pressure 957 mb | Location: 20.1N 75.9W (10 miles North-NorthWest of Santiago, Cuba) | Moving NNE at 15 mph

At 1:25 AM EDT Sandy makes landfall just west of Santiago De Cuba with winds of 110 mph. Reports from Santiago De Cuba have sustained winds of 78 mph with wind gust up to 114 mph in the last hour. Sandy is a strong category 2 hurricane borderline category 3 which has sustained winds beginning at 111 mph.

Hurricane Sandy making landfall in Cuba [radar may be down at times]

Stay updated on Sandy at Foot’s Forecast: The Tropical Zone and Foot’s Forecast | South Florida & The Keys. See also …

 See the Tropical Weather Page for Active Tropical Systems, Advisories and Warnings    Tropical page updates automatically when New Data is available


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