Catching up after busy times …

Between forecasting and monitoring weather with the ‘team’ during the Dew Tour in Ocean City Maryland, doctors appointments and life, I’ve had little time to update the blog. Glad there were no major weather events for the south, but that may be a coming.

During my absence we had ‘Tropical Storm Florence’ which dissipated.

We had ‘Tropical Storm Helene’ which formed from the Remnants of Tropical Depression Seven TD7, which then moved into Mexico this weekend August 18 2012 becoming Post Tropical and dissipating.

Then came ‘Hurricane Gordon’ which at my last look before getting busy was Invest 92L. Gordon re-curved away for the U.S. and pretty much lost it becoming a tropical depression. Gordon then regenerated into a hurricane and is now August 20 2012 a tropical storm impacting the Azores.

Next on the list is ‘Isaac’ currently Invest 94L. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one and the tropical page will be updated once it is named likely in the next 24 hours.


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