Tropical Depression #Debby Less Organized Heading into Atlantic | Full Track | June 27 2012

Debby is back on track moving east/northeast after a short jog to the southeast late last night. She is now heading E/NE at 10MPH and positioned at 29.6N / 81.0W or about 25 miles Southeast of St. Augustine Florida. Her winds are still 35MPH and her central pressure is 998MB or 29.47 inches.

Debby’s track as of 2:00 Am EDT June 27 2012: Shows track from beginning North of the Yucatan peninsula as a low pressure system on June 22 2012 designated ‘Invest 96L’. Becoming Tropical Storm Debby on June 23 2012. Then becoming a Tropical Depression shortly after landfall on the Florida west coast June 26 2012.

Debby is expected to continue on her current track to the east northeast and enter the Atlantic Ocean sometime today / this morning. Once in the Atlantic her forward speed will increase she may intensify in the coming days. It is uncertain at this time how strong Debby may become, but she does have potential energy to work with from the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. We will continue to monitor Debby over the coming days.

Most of the rains early this morning remain off the east coast of Florida, with a few bands to the south still making their way through Central and Southern Florida. In the central and south, some rain heavy at times may be expected and may cause issues from training over the same areas until Debby moves farther away.

Heavy rains over the past few days are expected to continue to cause flooding issues due to runoff into local creeks and rivers. If you live around any of these areas it is requested that you monitor conditions closely.

All Coastal Tropical Storm watches and warnings have been discontinued. There remains a few areas on the west coast of Florida at this time under coastal flood warnings. Areas in north Florida and Southeast Georgia remain under Flood warnings. Check with your local National Weather Service offices to see if you are under any of these Warnings here –


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