Summertime Thunderstorms in the Spring

Not a whole lot going on in the local area at this time, which is a good thing. We’ll have plenty of time for severe weather as spring is just getting underway and summer is around the corner.

The setup for this week is reminiscent of summer, bringing a chance of scattered showers and possibly thunderstorms this week during the warmest time of the day. Not everyone will see this and Nothing severe is expected, but stronger thunderstorms sometimes provide a little excitement in the way of gusty winds, lightning and sometimes small hail. Here is a snip of what I expected this week, from Wednesday March 7 posted on Facebook

Towards the beginning of next week we might hear a rumble of thunder thrown into the mix. At this time, ‘NO SEVERE’ weather is expected. I’ll keep an eye on this should things change.

I’m still not expecting any severe weather this week, but as we all know, sometimes it pops up unexpectedly in this type of setup where we have warm temperatures and plenty of moisture / humidity to work with.

Here’s a graphic from the National Weather Service Peachtree City GA. showing the best area for thunderstorm development in Georgia today. You can also expect this across the Chattahoochee River in Alabama as well.

Speaking of Alabama, here’s a graphic for today via the National Weather Service Birmingham Al.


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