Diane Sawyer – Alabama Tornadoes “Struck Without Warning”

As I was preparing this a tweet came across the board from James Spann @spann : So, I hear ABC has noticed us. I am expecting a phone call. Very encouraged. Stay tuned

Main Stream Media stepped in it again.

This time it was Diane Sawyer’s coverage of the Severe weather outbreak in Alabama on January 23 2012. I know she is just a face but, she should have some kind of input into what she reads off the teleprompter. Maybe she is like many, to busy to get the facts. Still, doesn’t she have people to get the facts ? The answer is YES !!

This morning I listened in on the Rick & Bubba show as Meteorologist James Spann – ABC 33/40 TV kept his cool, while explaining the facts. James mentioned that this storm system was forecast well in advance. I know this to be true, as I even mentioned it on this blog as early as Sunday, January 22, 2012 after looking at the data provided form various sources. I also mentioned it again Monday Morning at 3:08 AM as storms were bearing down on Alabama [ see included Radar Capture at previous link ].

‘Without Warning’; I think not !

During the show this morning, James mentioned that someone from ABC contacted the National Weather Service to ask about the facts behind the Warning System. Basically what was said, There was no less than 30 minutes advanced warning and up to 1 hour before the Tornadoes hit the areas affected in Alabama on January 23 2012. Diane Sawyer – Alabama Tornadoes “Struck Without Warning” ???

Here is the section of the ABC broadcast Monday Evening 1/23/2012 that opened this can of worms…

Diane Sawyer Gets It WRONG

No warning? Get a clue..

If that wasn’t bad enough, ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer also spewed forth more misinformation. I picked up this little tidbit, which few know of at this time via emergencyemail.org

This evening, January 23, 2012, ABC mistakenly reported that individuals can sign up for weather alerts through FEMA.

We’ve seen a lot of interest from the public following that report and we wanted to correct that point:

FEMA does not send out alerts as this is a local responsibility.

See also Alabama Tornadoes “Struck Without Warning…” – ‘Mainstream Media’ Proves Yet Again That They’re A Chicken Nugget Shy of a Happy Meal…


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