Georgia Drought Update / Outlook – December 4 2011

Not much change since my last update November 13 2011. While this is the case, drought conditions continue to lesson in Georgia. The biggest reason for this is the cooler weather and shorter days.

For the month of November at my location in Harris County Georgia, I ended with 3.32 inches of precipitation. Columbus Georgia to my south ended with 3.33 inches at the airport, the official reporting station for the area. The big winner in the local area was in the area of the WTVM channel 9 studio, finishing November with 4.06 inches.

Here’s a look at drought conditions in Georgia as of November 29 2011, the latest available:

Here’s the departure from normal precipitation year to date ending December 1 2011:

Here’s a graph showing additional precipitation needed to bring conditions back to near normal. We still need anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in the local areas. In Columbus the official reporting station for the local area, it shows a deficit of -10.47 inches for the year so far.

Here’s a graph showing estimated rainfall in the southeast for November 2011:

During winter months drought conditions are out of sight out of mind due to vegetation being dormant, and as mentioned earlier cooler weather and shorter days, relating to less evaporation of moisture. Over the next months drought conditions are expected to continue due to a dominate La Nina weather pattern. The outlook for the next 90 days form the Climate Prediction Center shows below average precipitation and above normal temperatures.


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