Potential Severe Weather Thanksgiving Week 2011

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to scare anyone, especially in light of the severe weather we had in the local area last week. I am only giving you a heads up as to what is expected to occur in areas west of us, and could possibly move into the local area. I am NOT a Professional Meteorologists

While the level of severe weather is yet to be determined for the local area, areas to our west may be in line for strong storms and possibly a few tornadoes.

Much like the weather pattern of last week where we saw tornadoes pass through the local area, the same setup is once again expected to occur.

At this time [10:17 PM 11/20/2011] I’m not looking for anything more than a few thunderstorms in the local area, as the frontal boundary and associated surface low should remain to our west. Another reason is due to the system moving through the local area during late evening and overnight hours Tuesday into Wednesday. This should allow it to weaken, However this could change as the timing of the system is still in question.

Here’s the current graphic from the Storm Prediction Center for 7 AM EST Tuesday 11/22 through 7 AM EST Wednesday 11/23. Pay attention to the area outlined in Brown. The local area is included in this 5% area for potentially severe weather.

Why do I point out the above 5% potential ? Because on Wednesday November 16, the day the tornado passed through Harris County, the local area was also included in a 5% severe probability, seen below.

This is not saying we will see any severe weather this week, only that the potential is there at this time.

In the lead up to the severe weather and tornadoes of November 16, I gave you a heads up on November 15. Also in that post was mentioned, “THE NEXT SIGNIFICANT THREAT OF SHRA/TSRA COMES AROUND THANKSGIVING.”. Well, after this system in mid week passes by, the next one will come in and move through the local area over the coming weekend bringing another shot of rain. It’s to early to tell at this time if any severe weather will accompany it.


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