Georgia Drought Update September 30 2011 – Some see relief

Still experiencing ‘Severe Drought Conditions’ for much of Georgia.

Since the last drought update on Sept. 17, 2011, not much has changed in the overall severity of drought conditions in Georgia.

Here’s a graphic showing change from Sept. 13 thru Sept. 27 2011, or lack thereof.

The same can be said for our friends across the river in Alabama; not much has changed.

While some areas saw beneficial rains in the past two weeks, much of it localized, the overall amounts were 2 inches or less. Not enough to make large difference in the drought.

Here’s a graphic showing rain amounts for the past 2 weeks in Georgia and Alabama, ending on September 29 2011.

As mentioned, some of us saw some pretty good rains in the past two weeks. I was one of the lucky ones receiving a whopping 7.88 inches in this time period. For the month of September I have received a total of 8.33 inches doubling almost tripling the normal rainfall amount for the area of 3.07 inches according to the National Weather Service in Peachtree City Georgia. At the airport in Columbus which is the official rain gauge for the area, they have only recorded 3.56 inches for the month of September. This shows how localized rain events can be as I live roughly 15 miles north of the airport.

Sine the last time I showed this graphic on August 18 2011 of additional rainfall needed to bring conditions back to normal, Alabama is the big winner. Most areas in Georgia still need additional rainfall of 3 to 15 inches.

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