Georgia Drought Update September 17 2011 – Another Dry Week

Last week I mentioned we had minimal moisture associated with tropical storm Lee, here at the homestead 0.45 inches. I also mentioned I saw little in the way of any rain in the coming week. Unfortunately, I was correct as we missed yet another chance this past Friday as a cold front passed through the area. The boundary set up just to our south where some did see rain with the front, but we remained dry.

With that said, not much if anything changed in our current drought report this week. In fact, if you look at the image below you can see it is basically unchanged from last week. We are still in an ‘extreme drought’ for much of Georgia.

The tropics are quite at this time and I anticipate nothing forming which would bring any rain to the area in the near future. We may have missed our chances again this year as we are now past peak and conditions are fast approaching less favorable conditions for tropical development. There is a chance of some rain this coming week, but I wont hold my breath. While I am hoping for rain, I do like the cooler temps and cloud cover we have seen recently and again this weekend.

For a look at possible rain and the temps for the coming week, check out the Temps / Precip page.


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