Georgia Drought Update September 10 2011 – Impact from Tropical Storm Lee

Impacts from Tropical Storm Lee around the local area were minimal to say the least. Rain amounts were projected to be 1-3 inches with higher amounts possible for the local area depending on where the feeder bands set up. Those feeder bands really never set up in the local area, but did find their way to our west in Alabama and North Georgia as Lee moved to the north. We did however experience severe weather in the form of tornadoes across much of the state, with only one tornado being confirmed at this time in Cherokee County

As far as rain form tropical storm Lee, it was a none event in my eyes. After forecast mentioning 1 to 3 inches, the 0.45 inches of rain I received here at the house over the 3 day period was quite disappointing. Columbus officialy had 0.60 inches over the same period.

So what did the recent rain do for the drought ? Not much for most of the state with the exception being as mentioned above, North Georgia. As you can see from this map provided by the U.S. Drought Monitor, you can see most of the state of Georgia is still dealing with Extreme Drought conditions, while North Georgia has been removed form any drought all together. This map covers the period August 30 through September 6, 2011.

As mentioned, areas to our west picked up quite a bit of rain from tropical storm Lee, as well as areas to our north causing flooding. Here is a map showing rainfall amounts for the last 7 days ending September 10th.

From what I have looked at, we will have little relief from drought in the coming weeks. I’m still watching the tropics for a system to come our way, but as we have now reached the half way point of Hurricane season it’s not looking favorable. It’s all down hill from here.


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