Risk Of Severe Weather In Alabama and Georgia Today – September 5 2011

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The Storm Prediction Center has placed parts of our area in a MODERATE RISK today from 9 AM extending to tomorrow morning at 8 Am. A tornado watch is already in effect until 4 PM to our west in Alabama; This watch may be extended in to our area later today. A ‘moderate’ risk shows where there is an enhanced threat for severe storms that may produce tornadoes. There is no way to predict in advance which storms will be severe. If a storm should spawn a tornado it will be very quick and short lived. A warning may not be issued in such a case so stay vigilant today.

For easy access to information and graphics like below, you can check the blog here http://cataulagawx.blogspot.com/p/spc-maps-and-graphics.html and the links in the left sidebar.

An interesting tidbit about today’s possibility of severe storms… Local meteorologist [ David Reese Facebook Page ] at WRBL News 3 posted this Visible Satellite Image below and had this to day –

“I want to point out something that isn’t really a good thing…. The image above is the Visible Satellite. It shows CLEAR skies between the two rain bands, that’s not good because it will warm things up and make the storms in the second rain band stronger…”

Also of interest … Tropical Storm Lee left behind a small piece of energy in the Gulf of Mexico that could develop in 2-3 days. I mentioned this yesterday in this blog post – Tropical Storm Lee – Georgia Alabama Local Impacts September 4 2011

Image credit Brad Panovich

When severe weather is in the area, you can find me on Facebook Here and Twitter Here where I post updates on the situation at hand.


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