Tropical Storm Lee – Georgia Alabama Local Impacts September 4 2011

I will be keeping an eye on any severe weather, watches and warnings, and will be posting them as they happen to the best of my ability on my Facebook and Twitter page. Follow along there for any breaking events.

At 8 AM EDT Tropical Storm Lee made landfall just inland over south-central Louisiana around the
Vermilion Bay area. Lee still has winds of 45mph and is slowly drifting to the northeast at 3 mph. This northeast motion is expected to continue for the next couple of days with an increase in forward speed. As Lee continues on this track scattered to numerous showers with a few embedded thunderstorms are expected to spread northeast across portions of West Central Georgia this afternoon and tonight. There is the possibility a few short lived tornadoes could spin up in some of the more intense thunderstorms embedded within the feeder bands that will make their way through the area. This has been the case in areas to our west and south today.

The biggest concern from what will eventually become tropical depression Lee and then a low pressure system will be the rain associated with it. I, as well as others have mentioned over the past days of the heavy rains that will be moving into the area. While this is a welcomed rain event due to drought conditions, to much of a good thing can be bad. While much of the rain will be absorbed, depending on hourly rainfall amounts there may be localized flooding. The potential is there for areas prone to flooding from even heavy summertime downpours to become flooded for extended periods of time throughout this event over the coming days. If you live in one of these areas you should be prepared at this time for this possibility.

Not to freak anyone out, but computer models are hinting of the possibility of yet another tropical system forming in the Gulf of Mexico by this coming weekend and lifting north. This is not definite to happen but is something to keep in mind next weekend. If this were to occur, this could bring more high rain amounts in areas that will already be saturated from Lee possibly causing more flooding.

The track of Lee is expected to take it north through central Alabama to our west in the local area. On this track, Lee will continue to pull moisture form the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, there is a cold front moving in form the north that will interact with the warm moist air form the south. This may increase the risk of severe storms for Monday and Monday night. Again, an isolated tornado can not be ruled out during this time.

Rain amounts are still projected to be 1-3 inches with higher amounts possible for the local area depending on where the feeder bands set up and continue to move over the same areas [ training – usually associated with thunderstorms ]. You can see the amounts forecast for our area on my Temps / Precip Page. You can also check out the potential for severe weather on the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Products Page and see what the tropical systems are doing and where they are heading on the Tropical Weather Page. Be sure to hit the other links in the sidebar for Radar, Satellite and other data.


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