Georgia Drought Update August 18 2011

In the last Drought update on August 11 I mentioned that I had some decent rains as well as other spots around the local area. In that post I also mentioned that the rains were not reflected in that weekly report. Well, It really had no effect on drought conditions in the local area. Why ? Because we have had little in the way of rain since that time, on August 8th. The last time it rained here at the homestead was August 11th. On that day I recorded 0.29 inches.

While we have enjoyed some cooler temperatures and lower humidity in the last week, we have seen no rain save a few short lived pop-up isolated showers. Some of those brought some good rain to the northern and eastern part of Harris county.
So not much has changed from last week to this in the local area. Other areas of the state have seen marked improvement. Here is the graph showing last week versus this week.

Here are Drought percentages covering the whole state.

And here is the rest of the Southeast.

Here is the Palmer Drought Severity Index showing how much rain is needed to bring conditions back to somewhat normal.

I wont bore you with the other graphs as they are not much different than last week either.


2 thoughts on “Georgia Drought Update August 18 2011

  1. I feel ya. I think we were all hoping she would skirt the area. 17 days at this time with no rain here in Cataula, Harris County GA. We still have time for some tropical action to impact the area before the season is over. There are a couple tropical waves that look promising as I write. We shall see.Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!Ed

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