Georgia Drought Update August 11 2011

This past week saw some welcome rain in the local area, which is not yet reflected in this weeks drought update. While this may be the case, drought conditions have backed off and next week I expect this to be greatly reflected.

During this past week at my location in Cataula, I have seen 3.12 inches of liquid sunshine. 2.91 inches fell on one day, August 8th and the other 0.21 inches on August 6th. Columbus airport saw 3.84 inches during this time. The average rainfall for our local area in August is 3.78 inches. So we are well on our way to receiving above average rainfall for the month as we are barley a week in to August, Columbus already beating the average.

As you can see in this image below for August 2 thru August 9 2011, little has changed as far as drought conditions in the local area, or in Georgia as a whole. The exception being in east central Georgia where a small area is now classified as being in severe drought this week from extreme drought the previous.

Here is the current graphic showing our current drought conditions in Georgia.

Here is a map showing the amount of rain the state has seen in the last 14 days. The local area which is within the RED circle has seen anywhere from 2 to 5 inches.

As mentioned above we have had some good amounts of rain in the past week that is not yet being reflected in current data. As a matter of fact, according to this current map conditions have deteriorated compared to last weeks map in the general area as far as how much rain is needed to bring conditions back to normal. However the local area remains unchanged.

You can keep up with local rain totals here Cataula Rain Gauge.


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