Georgia Drought Update August 6 2011

The past couple of weeks have been dry in the area once again. The exception has been the northern and southern parts of the state. Central Georgia has seen a little activity in the form of pop-up scattered to isolated showers, offering little relief from drought conditions.

Although little rain has fallen in the local area and other areas throughout central Georgia, the drought monitor has removed our local area from ‘Exceptional drought’ and back in to ‘Extreme drought’.

Here is the current graphic showing our current drought conditions.

Here is a graphic showing the change from July 26 on the left to August 2 on the right.

Here at the homestead I ended the month of July with 3.79 inches of rain, and so far in August have seen none. Here is a map showing the amount of rain the state has seen in the last 14 days. The local are which is within the RED circle has seen less as mentioned than north or south of our location. According to the map legend we have seen anywhere from to 2 inches in part of Muscogge county, and a half to inch and a half in Harris county. Sounds about right according to my records of daily rainfall amounts.

We are still way below normal and I expect these dry days will once again catch up with us in the coming weeks. According to this map, we still need anywhere from 9 to 12 inches in the local area.

On a side note – We are still waiting on a tropical system to bring us relief.


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