Tropical Storm Emily : Choose your Model – August 4 2011

Not being one to favor any particular model, the forecast track for tropical storm Emily is still up in the air. Tropical Storm Emily is going through menopause at this time and is having night sweats along with enhanced mood swings. One minute shes angry, the next calm.

Where will tropical storm Emily go ? Like any women only she knows. Trying to predict where or what she may do in the coming days is a loosing battle. Even the latest computer model runs are getting a headache trying to figure out what Emily will do.

In my last Emily post on August 1 2011 I mentioned:

“For Now as far as the east coast of the continental U.S. is concerned, Florida should be watching this system in earnest, especially Miami at this time.”

At this time I see no reason to go against my earlier thinking. However … you knew it was coming …. If the ridge currently in place in our area comes back east all bets are off. Emily will then re-curve and go out into the Atlantic bothering only the fish.


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