Drought Update July 28 2011

While many areas of Georgia have seen scattered to isolated summer type showers and storms this past week, little has changed in the drought situation from the previous week.

Here at the homestead in Cataula, I have picked up 1.27 inches of liquid sunshine in the past week. It helped green everything up, but now things are again getting dry and crunchy. The last day I saw Rain here was July 26, a whopping 1.26 inches. For the month so far, I have been blessed enough to have had 3.79 inches of rain as you can see here on the Cataula Rain Gauge page. Columbus has recorded 3.98 inches for the month so far. We are both running short of the July monthly average which is 5.04 inches. With the month of July coming to a close, I think we will fall short of our monthly average. Columbus needs 1.06 inches and Cataula will need 1.25 inches to break even for the July.

As mentioned, not much has changed for last week to this week in Georgia. The exceptions being Severe drought has expanded a little more north, the area of Moderate drought has decreased a little but still is encompassed by Abnormally Dry conditions and, in the northwestern area of the state Abnormally Dry conditions have once again moved in. The local area is still in a Severe to Extreme Drought.

Here’s a graphic showing last week on the left and this week on the right.

We are still waiting on a tropical system to bring the southeast much needed rain. Areas of Texas should see some rain from Tropical Storm Don, but this will not be a drought buster for them by any means.

Sources for rainfall data:

Monthly Averages for Columbus, GA (31904) : http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/monthly/31904

Rainfall Tables : http://www.wtvm.com/category/54453/rainfall

Drought graphic provided by http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/


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