Tropical Storm Don update 1 July 27 2011

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Tropical Storm Don formed today. At this time 02:10 UTC the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center at 21:00 UTC is showing Don at 22.2N 87.0W with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph a Minimum central pressure of 1001mb and is moving WNW at 12mph.

Here are the latest computer model outputs forecast tracks

By all indications from models Don will be making landfall in Texas. I have been watching what is now Don since he was a lonely tropical wave blowing through the Atlantic last week. On July 21 I even mentioned

Looking at some of the long range models, there is a hint of something in the first week of August forming in the Atlantic that may move or come in our direction. It is still to far out to determine the exact path any system would take, or even if it will form at all.

I believe Don will make landfall somewhere between Corpus Christi and Galveston, Texas. I said as much here on twitter today And here on a photo of model tracks posted on July 26 by local Meteorologist Derek Kinkade. No word yet if anyone agrees. How about you; where do you think Tropical Storm Don is headed ?

I’ll be watching Don as many will, so check back for updates. Especially the closer Don gets to making landfall, or should he strengthen.


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