Acknowledgment: To be a tornado or not to be

‘To be a tornado or not to be’ is the title of an article by one of our local metoroligist Bob Jeswald, Chief Meteorologist at WRBL News 3. Within the article that follwed, Bob was kind enough to give me a mention. What Bob refered to were the storms that rolled through the local area on Friday June 17 2011, and my post this past Sunday June 19 : Detecting Storm Rotation on Radar : an examination.

Here is some of what Bob said:

We always welcome good debate and examination by Cataula GA WX. This was a good observation by Cataula GA WX but as a trained meteorologist, David Reese made the right call in my opinion.

I was out that day at Bradley Park as seen by the credited photos I took. I can see how it can be misinterpreted visually but on radar it does look more bow and a straight line event. You can sometimes get a small spin out rotating vortex cloud but this is not a classic definition of a tornado in this case and the extent of damage doesn’t support a tornado.

David Reese is a meteorologist also on WRBL News 3 and was at work this past Friday covering the severe weather for us. He and Bob are fast becoming a trusted source for weather in the local area, as well as creating dialogue on social networks. I look forward to many more conversations with them as a learning amateur who has always had a passion for weather.

Thank you David and Bob for your interaction and understanding.

Ed aka cataulagawx


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