Dust Bowl of Harris County Georgia

Where might you find the ‘Dust Bowl of Harris County Georgia’ ? I would say where I live. There may be others in the local area, but I know my homestead in Cataula about a mile from the Harris / Muscogee county line is one of them.

Yesterday and through the night storms were all around us, and again not a drop of rain. I wont bore you with all the disappointing details as I watched the lightning flash and listened to the rumble of thunder in the distance, hoping the rain would come my way.

Heres a map showing rain estimates from radar from 11PM June 10 through 11AM today June 11 2011.
As you can see, southern Harris County was dry. Again ….

Heres the 24 hour rain accumulation 11AM June 10 through 11AM today June 11, 2011, verifying the above.

And an enlargement of the local area from the map above.

The last time I saw rain, other than a couple drops, was on May 26, 0.24 inches.. Before that on May 13 and before that on May 3.


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