What happened to the Rain on Thursday ?

I hope you got some. Because I didn’t here at the homestead in Cataula Georgia.

WTVM‘s Doppler 9 radar just before 5:30 PM was showing the heaviest rain in the area moving in to Harris County, Georgia.

I posted on Facebook yesterday, “I hope the storms don’t rain themselves out before reaching me.” Guess what; they did as far as my exact location. I saw up the road on West Bon Acre today, some holes in the road still had water in them. By the way crows fly, this would be about a mile from my house.

Heres a short video of what took place on Thursday:

Here is a map of the 24 hour accumulated precipitation from 1 PM June 9 through 1 PM June 10, 2011, from the Southeast RFC River Forecast Center. I added a ‘RED ARROW’ showing my location which received a couple of rain drops.

Here is the area enlarged:

And here are a couple of pictures showing the tree that was blown over from the approaching gust front / outflow boundary that accompanied the storms, mentioned in the video above. I was without electricity for a little over 3 hours. This was 3 houses up the road from mine.

All of this enforces what I mentioned in my latest drought update posted on Thursday June 9 2011. “I contend some in the local area are already experiencing localized exceptional drought conditions, as we have been without rain for some time now and have experienced well above normal temperatures the past few weeks, drying the soil further.”


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