Record Breaking Temperatures continue, Drought Worsens in Georgia

June 2, 2011 Columbus had another record high temperature of 101 degrees, breaking the old record of 98 set back in 1998. Most of the state had high temperatures well into the mid and upper 90’s. Temperatures into the weekend will still be running above normal and we can expect to see records broken or tied once again across the state and local area.

If you were one of the lucky ones yesterday, you saw some scattered showers and thunderstorms some which were severe and warranted warnings being issued. Lucky in that it cooled your area down slightly and briefly. Most of the state remained dry.

How dry is it ?

As you can see in this image from the Drought Monitor Archives, as in my last drought update, 2 weeks makes a big difference in drought severity and coverage.

May 17 thru May 31 2011

Compare the above to this image showing 2 weeks, May 3 thru May 17. On the left May 3 there is little RED indicating ‘extreme drought conditions’.

Were do we currently stand ?

The local area is split much like the state of Georgia concerning drought. Some of us are suffering ‘Extreme Drought’ conditions, while others remain in ‘Severe Drought’.

As you can see from this image of drought conditions in the southeast, some of our neighbors in Alabama and Florida are experiencing ‘extreme drought’ as well. Farther to the north, South Carolina, North Carolina, and even Virginia are also experiencing drought conditions.

As mentioned in other posts, I expect conditions for the short term to remain dry. I also expect conditions to worsen further unless we have a tropical system move through. Even showers and thunderstorms at this point will not overcome current conditions.

How much rain will it take ?

In my last post May 21, according to the Climate Prediction Center we needed 6 to 9 inches of rain to return to normal conditions. At this time the good news, 3 to 5 inches would help relieve the worst conditions for much of the state. The bad news, according to the Climate Prediction Center Drought Monitoring section, the local area now needs 9 to 12 inches for conditions to return to normal. Thats an increase of 3 inches since the last post about 2 weeks ago.

Well, that about covers it until next week for drought conditions. I hope we get much needed rain soon. Check back for updates.

On a side note: During these hot and dry conditions watch out for older folks and your neighbors. Don’t forget your pets that are outside as well. Give them fresh water daily and often. You don’t drink warm water do you ? Also, if you feed them dry food, don’t give them more than they will eat. If there is left over food from the day before, throw it out for the birds. Many people don’t know that dry food also spoils. It contains meat by products.
And hey, while were at it, if you have any weather related pictures consider sending them in and I’ll put them on the blog. Give some detail about them and who you are as well. Email address is at the top left of the page.

Thanks for reading and until next time, Take Care ! ED

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