Sounds of Cicada

I said Cicada, not al Qaeda.

Almost 4 weeks ago, the Cicada invaded my location here in Cataula GA. You can drive to other areas around the local area, but you don’t hear or see them. When the sound the cicadas make first started, I thought I was hearing a piece of equipment, something dealing with high pressure. Then I thought; I wonder if the sound I’m hearing is a leak in the underground natural gas pipeline close by ? It wasn’t until I saw a story by a local tv station that I found what was causing the whining buzzing noise. The cicada had made an appearance.

Honestly, this is the first time in my life that I’ve heard this sound. I consider myself an outdoors person, and jobs I’ve had were outside. But never in my life had I heard this sound. Maybe it was there off in the distance. Maybe the cicadas weren’t as loud. But this year, what a sound.

This past Saturday I noticed many of the bugs with alien looking red eyes moving through the tree tops, so I grabbed the camera and shot this video. You cant see the cicadas, but you can sure here them.

Heres a couple pictures of the bug eyed cicadas mating on the hood of my truck from late April.
And no they didn’t make that mess during sex. Thats bird poop.

As much as the sound is annoying, I hope to be around 13 years from now to hear it again.


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