Record Low Territory Thursday Morning

One can already feel a nip in the air at this hour, Tuesday night. Some will say it feels like fall. I’ll say it feels like early spring. Either way it will be quite cool the next couple of mornings. I’ve even heard the ‘F’ word used. Whaaaat ? The ‘F’ word ? Yep. The ‘F’ word … Frost.

As of this writing, little if any rain has fallen once again in the black hole where I live. I did hear a couple sprinkles on the fireplace cap. I stepped outside and the truck has a couple drops on it. Thats when I felt the nip in the air.

With the temperatures falling, we are heading in the direction of possibly setting a record low Thursday morning.

Here are the previous records set in Columbus :

Lowest Daily Minimum Temperature (degrees F)
Days: 5/1 - 5/31
Length of period: 1 day
Years: 1948-2011

Rank Value Ending Date
1 39 5/2/1963
2 40 5/4/1971, 5/8/1958
4 41 5/13/1960
5 42 5/9/1960, 5/17/1956
7 43 5/5/1973, 5/28/1961, 5/3/1961, 5/14/1960

Will we set a record ? With all the extremes the past few years, I think we will. I have no doubt here in Cataula we will. I’ll be looking for the frost. Don’t forget to cover your vegetables, flowers, or other plants.

Heres the graph for Thursday morning :


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