EF2 Tornado Harris County Georgia April 27 Confirmed

Updated to add Tornado Path Map 4/30/2011

Harris, Meriwether, and Upson Counties

A National Weather Service survey team determined that an EF2 tornado with winds of 130 MPH crossed Harris, Meriwether, and Upson Counties Wednesday night. The tornado touched down 2 miles northwest of Pine Mountain Valley around 1150 PM EDT Wednesday night and lifted about 9 miles northwest of Thomaston along Highway 74 around 1225 AM EDT. The path length was 24 miles long with an average width of half a mile. Its widest point was close to three quarters of a mile along Highway 354 (just north of Pine Mountain Valley). Thousands of trees were snapped and uprooted with many power lines down. While significant damage was experienced along most of the path with house damage and barns destroyed, the most extensive was located within Franklin Delano State Park. Within the park, it is estimated that 30 percent of the 40 structures located in a campground were heavily damaged or destroyed including a large assembly shelter. Due to the extensive tree damage limiting access within the park, assessments for the precise number of homes and cabins affected are ongoing.

Path of Tornado

Damage to a structure in FDR State Park (Harris County)

Damage to a hotel near Warm Springs (Meriwether County)

source: National Weather Service Peachtree City, GA


See Storm Surveys: Georgia Tornado Outbreak April 27-28 2011 for more.


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