EF-0 Tornado Confirmed in Harris County Georgia on April 15 2011

As severe thunderstorms and tornadoes raced across the U.S. leaving destruction and death, Harris County Georgia was not immune.

I followed these storms as they crossed the area, live blogging as they happened. On April 15, 2011, about 7:40 pm I captured on video what I thought was the storm from my front yard that is now being confirmed as an EF-0 tornado.

Here is a capture from a video by Josh Pate as submitted to Meteorologist Derek Kinkade, WTVM / WXTX out of Columbus, GA.

Derek reports:

The NWS in Peachtree City has confirmed that an EF-0 tornado touched down in Harris County, Georgia, just south of Hamilton, last Friday. Damage included several trees that had their canopies clipped, damage to a gazebo, and damage to a storage shed. Winds were estimated at 75 mph, with a maximum path width of 50 yards. The tornado was on the ground for about a half a mile.

Here is a picture sent to us from Josh Pate, one of our viewers who was traveling on I-185 at the time. It’s a still image from a video he took, and you can clearly see what appears to be a rope tornado or funnel cloud. Josh tells us he saw it touch down twice very briefly. It was this picture that helped the NWS confirm the tornado!

Thanks to Josh for sending this in, and to Derek for letting us post it here.


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