Trees/Elec. Down Pics- Severe Thunderstorm 4-4-11

Well now, that was interesting, in fact one of the few times I’ve crapped my britches. Figuratively speaking.

I followed the storm system online as it crossed the U.S. as I always do. I watched it strengthen, growing stronger the closer to my area it got. I was not prepared for what happened, in the unexpected way.

The following took place April 4, 2011 around 11:30 PM

Sure the wind picked up, the lightning flashed and the rain came down in sheets. It wasn’t until the front door sucked closed and open that I knew something was about to hit the fan. I stood at the open door for a few minutes, until … the strongest wind I have ever experienced thus far slammed the house. I closed the front door and ran to the back of the house. Before I could open the back door, the lighting flashed the winds howled and the trees came down, taking the power lines with them. Which is why no post or replies to comments, power was restored this morning.

This was the first time in 30 years living on this land that trees were brought down by severe weather. It could have been much worse. No loss of life, damage to vehicles or homes on this heavily wooded property. One good thing came from this other than what I said above, I now don’t have to drop anymore trees for this coming winters firewood.

One funny strange thing: I put the trash can out before the storm hit. The next day while surveying the damage, I noticed the trash can was still standing. I laughed when I saw this. Who would have thought, wind strong enough to blow trees down wouldn’t blow the trash can away.

They say it was straight line winds.

Heres a couple of pics – click pics to enlarge

You can read about this event and see more pics here- Severe Weather Barrels Across
North and Central Georgia April 4-5, 2011 .


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