Freezing Rain/Sleet in West Central Georgia- Pics

Was this great or what ? Some would say what. I’ll tell ya, from my standpoint being in west central GA., it was great. Here at the homestead I ended up with between a half to three quarters of an inch of sleet, freezing rain mix. No snow.

The winter of 2010/2011 will be one I remember and reflect on for many years. And it’s not even half over. Matter fact, were not even a month into winter.

Generally I don’t see any winter precipitation until February or March, if at all. I cant wait to see what the rest of this winter brings to the deep south. Still waiting for a history making snowfall. Maybe I’ll get it this season ?

Here’s ice on the muscadine vine looking towards the back 40, taken around 4 PM EST today.

Here’s a couple more form around the homestead.

Current obs: Sleet, Ice, covering much of the area. Watching for freezing drizzle/fog tonight.

Conditions at 5:30 PM EST on January 10, 2011
Temperature 30.7 °F
Relative Humidity 98.3 %
Dew Point Temperature 30.3 °F
Wet Bulb Temperature 30.5 °F
Atmospheric Pressure 30.14 in
Wind From the North West
Wind Speed 3.2 mph
Wind Gust 6.4 mph at 5:30 PM
Wind Chill 27.5 °F
WBGT Index 42.4 °F
2 in. Soil Temperature 37.7 °F
Cumulative Rain Since 12:00 AM 0.13 in
Maximum Air Temperature 32.1 °F at 12:15 PM
Minimum Air Temperature 28.9 °F at 3:15 AM
Maximum Wind Speed 15.3 mph at 2:22 AM

See related: Snow Sleet Ice Totals For Georgia January 10, 2011

Deep south Snow Alert


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