Deep South Deep Freeze

Brutal Cold #Weather on the way for #deepsouth #deepfreeze..

With this PLEASE check on your neighbors, especially the elderly. Also check on your outside pets. If you leave them outside, make sure you check their water a couple times a day, that they have plenty of food, and a warm spot. Drip your faucets as well. Might want to check the anti-freeze in the auto too. Take all necessary precautions when heating your home.

This data that accompanied this map shows Columbus GA with a MAX temp on Jan. 20 of 8 ° and a MIN temp of -6 °, and on Jan. 21 a MAX temp of 2 ° and a MIN temp of -9 °. These are the coldest days forecast at this time. Also in this time period, more winter precip for the deep south.

See also: DeepSouth Snow Alert – Tracking this weekends winter storm


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