Southeast: Possible SNOW event Dec 7-8

Models are all over the place at this time. As we approach the specified time-frame, it will become more clear. But that’s how it always work out.

This is one of those it could but will it, maybe, maybe not kind of forecast for the southeast. Being as it will be the first week of December, this may be a none event. Stranger things have happened.

At this time, the GFS forecast 1200UTC for Tues. Dec. 7 shows SNOW in Georgia as far south as Columbus. How much ? Don’t know. If nothing else, this is a possible ICING/FREEZING RAIN Event.

The Euro shows a good solution for now [depending on your definition of good], a snow event for much of the southeast. JMA shows a good snow for Tennessee. It appears most of the models are on board for winter weather in the south. But were still a week out, so things will change.

Just throwing this out there. An early warning if you will.

You can check out some past snowy weather Here.


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