Georgia Drought November 2010 – Pics

When is drought non existent ? When it doesn’t impact a major metropolitan area like Atlanta Georgia.

My area has been hard hit this year. The summer was extremely hot and dry. With fall now here the temps are cooling down, but rain continues to be absent in my area. I guess you could call what is happening a localized drought impact.

Here is a current picture taken November 14, 2010. You can see the overflow / spill over pipe. The lake is now down about 3 feet. Compare this picture with others posted below and you can see the drought is much worse in my area now, than it was when the southeast was in the news daily during the drought of 07/09.

Click image to enlarge

In this picture [below] taken on August 17 2010, you can see the overflow / spill over pipe. You can also see that the lake level is at about the same level, if not a little lower than it was during the drought of 2007/2009. About 2 feet down.

In this picture [below] taken on June 22 2007 you can see the level of the lake gauged by the overflow / spill over. The lake was down over a foot.

Here is an image provided by U.S. Drought Monitor, showing Georgia and areas affected by the current drought. I live in one of the areas currently classified as borderline Abnormally Dry to Moderate Drought. From my observations I would classify my localized drought as Extreme to Exceptional.

If you’re a long time reader here at Cataula GA WX, you might recall my coverage during the drought that began to impact Georgia in 2007 and continued until 2009. You can read everything, and view some images here.

I made a comment back on March 31 2009, at which time the area I live was officially out of the drought. I said, “The drought situation is improving in the southeast but were not out of the woods yet. We all know what one dry hot summer can do.”

The summer of 2010 is a perfect example of ‘what one dry hot summer can do’. The drought has returned to some areas of Georgia. Even worse, La Niña is expected to last at least into the Northern Hemisphere spring 2011 bringing dryer warmer weather to the southeast.


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