Update #2 Final – Snow Amounts for Georgia and Southeast – February 12 2010

Update 1:30 PM 2/13/2010 :

The snow didn’t amount to as much as I had forecast, 5-8 inches, or hoped in my area. We did end up with right at 4 inches at the homestead.

Heres a map of snowfall totals for Georgia from the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office Peachtree City, GA, and a brief summary. The only difference from their report and mine, the snow started around 10:00 AM EST at my location, not Noon.

Snow in Georgia
February 12, 2010

On Friday, February 12th, precipitation associated with a surface low tracking across the Gulf of Mexico and an upper level short wave tracked across much of north and central Georgia. Light snow began over portions of west Georgia around noontime, then spread eastward through the afternoon before tapering off to flurries by mid evening and dissipating by early Saturday morning. Snow and slush on the roadways froze overnight leading to hazardous driving conditions late Friday night into Saturday morning. The map below shows the snowfall amounts across north and central Georgia.


Update 1:10 PM 2/12/2010 :

Flurries started around 10am EST. Around 10:45am moderate snow began and continues as of this post. Accumulation is beginning on grass and hard surfaces are beginning to get a coat.

More obs later …

Last snow for my area March 1, 2009. About 5¾ inches total.

Conditions at 1:00 PM EST on February 12, 2010

Temperature 30.2 °F
Relative Humidity 84.5 %
Dew Point Temperature 29.5 °F
Wet Bulb Temperature 32.0 °F
Atmospheric Pressure 29.92 in Falling
Wind out of the West - West Northwest
Wind Speed 1.3 mph
Wind Gust 2.8 mph at 12:00 PM
Wind Chill 30.2 °F

Cumulative Rain Since 12:00 AM 0.00 in
Cumulative Snow Since 12:00 AM Trace

Maximum Air Temperature 36.7 °F at 11:15 AM
Minimum Air Temperature 30.2 °F at 1:00 PM
Maximum Wind Speed 8.2 mph at 9:07 AM

Heres what it looks like at the moment: Click Image to Enlarge

Check back for further updates …


Original Post

Figured I’d chime in on this since I see from my logs, folks are looking for information on the snow event headed to Georgia and the Deep south.

From maps and models I’ve looked at recently some areas of Georgia could, and I repeat could, see 8 plus inches of snow. When I started looking at this system earlier this week, I figured 5 to 8 inches of snow in my area of west central Georgia. I’m sticking with that. This wont happen for everyone. Central Georgia looks to be the big winner in this snow event.

Without going in to further detail, as the storm is now upon us, here are some maps:

14 inches of snow fell in my location 37 years ago (1973) in the month of February, I was 11 at the time. It was a blast. One of my uncles(Wes) came down from Pennsylvania to escape the winter weather up there. We figured he brought the snow with him. LOL

Last year in March I saw almost 6 inches of snow in my area.


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