Chance for SNOW in the Deep South

Yeah, I know, you’re probably tired of my snow cast posts. What can I say ? I live in an area that doesn’t see a hole lot of snow. I have lived in areas that have lots of snow, and I enjoyed it. While I was enjoying it and having fun, folks that lived there all their lives wanted to punch me.

As usual, the forecast is still wide open. We could get some or we could get none. What I have for you currently is what is forecast for this coming Friday beginning at 1:00 AM ET Friday morning. The maps below are a combination I put together from maps supplied from The National Weather Service in both Birmingham Alabama and Atlanta Georgia. The reason I did this is to show you the difference in Forecast from these two different services, who use the same data to make their forecast.

One thing we always found funny even during severe weather[thunderstorms] was how the storms seem to stop at the Alabama, Georgia state line according to the weather service. Actually in my area of west central Georgia, the Chattahoochee River separates the two states. So we always say the weather stops at the river. These snow forecast maps show this quite well.

Some say anywhere from a half inch to an Inch of snow, and others have mentioned six to eight inches from this system due Friday. This all depends on where the GOM[Gulf of Mexico] low forms and tracks across the area, and how much moisture it can draw northward, and the amount of cold air available. We’ll wait and see. Just throwing these out there….

If you enlarge the images, you can see at what point I merged the individual maps, denoted by a darker county line in east Alabama. Another tell is the counties not matching up exact.


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