Southeast Drought update- Feburary 2009

With winter here it is time for regeneration until spring when water use will once again pick up.

In December of 2008 lake Lanier did drop below 20 ft below full pool, albeit only for a couple of days. Rain in the area kept Lanier from seeing the record low water levels witnessed in December of 2007.

On January 1, 2008 Lake Lanier had a water level of 1051.35, down 19.65ft from full pool. The difference + 1.74ft. This gain was primarily due to rains that came in December of 2008. Had it not been for this, Lake Lanier would have surely dropped below record low levels. Still, a gain of 1.74ft isn’t that impressive for a whole year.

Today Lake Lanier At 930 AM EST MON FEB 02 2009 is showing a level of 1056.63, Up 3.51 feet from 1053.12 January 2009. Lake Lanier is still down 14.37 feet from a full pool of 1071.0.

On February 7 2008, Lake Lanier had a level of 1052.26 [ I know it isn’t Feb. 7th ’09 yet, close enough though ], Thats a gain of 4.37 feet in roughly a year Feb. ’08 to Feb. ’09.

Spring and summer are just around the corner and the three month outlook is showing Below average rain for the southeast. It looks like it’s going to be another dry year. A plus is it’s raining today.

Until next month…

See also- Southeast Drought 2008 review and The Drought Files for past reports.


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