Southeast Snow ?

I haven’t had much time as of late to analyze the maps or anything else, called Back to work…yea!

The models I have looked at show a pattern similar to the 1993 Storm of the Century and last years snow in the south. Some of them in fact show the low developing in the Gulf of Mexico farther south than what is being reported. If the low takes the path I see developing, there will be more snow in the south as opposed to the Mid-Atlantic areas which were hard hit by the Ice this past week.

It would be well advised to get some supplies now if you don’t have any extra on hand. Better safe than sorry. Once the snow starts it will be to late. You know..a run on groceries and gas. If you have a fire place or wood stove get it and your wood pile ready if this does come about. Some of those in the areas hit by the Ice storm last week still don’t and wont have power for another week at a minimum. If this storm doesn’t take shape at least you will have things ready if one does this winter.

Below are previous posts on ‘Snow in the South’. Pay close attention to the one titled ‘Storm of the Century – 2008 ?’. It is similar to the Snow Storm forecast for the South come Monday, February 2, 2009.


This one has some graphical images and a video clip from the 1993 Storm of the Century-

15 January 2008 – Storm of the Century – 2008 ? -I have been watching this take shape for about 5 days now. I had Just mentioned this to My Family this past Sunday.I told them the indications that I see reminded me of the ‘Super Storm of 1993’, or the ‘Storm of the Century’, as it was Called. As we know, Meteorology is a Science based on gathering information and making a Forecast/Speculation. Even the PRO”S are wrong 30% of the time. So on with my Speculation….er, Forecast…. First a little History of ‘The Storm of the Century’ from 1993-


This one has images from the Atlanta Georgia area which did receive Snow.

19 January 2008 – Final UPDATE : Storm of the Century – 2008 ? -Bummer…..In my area we ‘Did NOT’ get any Snow. We Didn’t even get any Flurries. All we got was a little Sleet and Not very much of that, So I have No pictures of snow for my area. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the Winter season holds for my area as we usually have our Snow in Late February through Mid March.


A couple of images of Snow in the Deep South from the homestead.

08 March 2008 – Snow in the South…… -Finally Snowed at my location in Georgia.


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