Southeast Drought Update- November ’08

Hear that sucking sound….no, you will in the future if you live in Atlanta Georgia.

Recap from Last Month : The current condition at 929 AM EDT TUE OCT 08 2008 for LAKE LANIER, Water level: 1053.59, Full pool: 1071. Lake Lanier is Down 17 feet point 41 inches. Lanier is Down 1 foot point 53 inches from September 12, 2008 and Down 2 feet point 41 inches since October 2007.

Todays update: LAKE LANIER is now at 1051.67 ft, Down 19.31 feet from normal of 1071.0 or almost 20 feet. It is also down 1.92 feet since our last update October 8, 2008. Thats almost 2 feet!

Here is a graph showing the water level as of November 11, 2008, and ‘forecasted’ water levels for lake Lanier. Notice at the bottom of the graph the words “Bottom of Conservation”. In other words, bottom of the glass. The bottom level is 1035.00 which is only 16.68 feet away.

Recent Georgia drought news:

Drought saps lakes, tightens grip on north Georgia

The epic drought gripping north Georgia is growing worse as water levels in lakes and streams across the state plumb record depths, feeding the dry conditions that spread rapidly across the northeast corner of the state.


Perdue to Florida: Water wars all about seafood industry

MIAMI — Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue looks at his state’s pristine coastline and then at the development Florida allows on its shores and said he wonders how Florida officials can preach about the environment.

Talking about the long war over sharing water that flows down from Georgia, Perdue on Wednesday questioned some of Florida’s arguments as it tries to get more water to cross its border.

The Atlanta area’s main water supply is Lake Lanier, which also provides flow into the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river basin.


Previous drought post:

Drought Images: Lake Lanier Aerial

Drought Files


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