Drought Images: Lake Lanier Aerial

What you will see here is not an Illusion. There is nothing wrong with your perception. The Images you are about to view were taken in ‘July 2008’. Look at them closely and you will see what may appear to be Shadows or reflections in the Water.

What could it be ?

What you are seeing is Land, or as some will call it Sandbars. I call it the next Shoreline by the End of 2008.

While were at it, how about a Drought Update ……First a recap of our last report.
The current condition at 929 AM EDT TUE OCT 08 2008 for LAKE LANIER, Water level: 1053.59, Full pool: 1071. Lake Lanier is Down 17 feet point 41 inches.

At 923 AM EDT THU OCT 23 2008 the Lake level is, 1053.03 . Thats a drop of 0.56 since October 8, 2008; or if you prefer 15 Days. Lake Lanier is Down 17 feet point 97 inches or Almost 18 Feet.

Check back next month for an update. Until then, check our Drought Files for more Information, Graphs, and Pictures.

Above Photos via~ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
View MORE Photos in this set at http://projects.ajc.com/gallery/view/metro/lanier0705/1.html


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