Southeast Drought Update- July ’08

First as usual, a little recap from last month:

In the first Graph from October 26, 2007, The Level of Lake Lanier was 1056.00 ft. In the Second Graph from January 27. 2008, The Level of Lake Lanier was 1051.43 ft. That was a decrease in Water that Millions of People depend on, by 4.57 Ft.

According to the Current Graph obtained Saturday June 14, 2008 @ 9:06am EDT, the level of Lake Lanier is at 1057.19.

Click to Enlarge

Although there appears to be a substantial gain of 5.76 ft since January of 2008, the Water in Lake Lanier has in Reality only risen 1.19 Ft. since October 26, 2007. Thats right, One Point One Nine feet for 3 million plus.

On to todays report:

LAKE LANIER is DOWN a scorching 1.35 Feet since June 14, 2008, the date of our last Drought Update. Thats 17 days and Lake Lanier has lost 1 foot 3 inches + of life sustaining H2O.

Current Conditions as of JUL 01 2008: LAKE LANIER 7am Pool Elev (ft) 1056.19 – 24 Hour Change(feet) -0.07 – 24 Hour Precip(inches) 0.00

The ‘real’ water level as explained above in our recap, since October 2007 showed a gain of 1.19 feet. At this time, that GAIN is GONE plus another 1 and a half inches on top of that. That may not seem like much, but Summer Just started and Lake Lanier is still down 14.81 FEET.

We also did an Update in late June. here’s a recap: “On Wednesday, 193.9 million gallons of water evaporated from the lake, the main water source for more than 3 million metro Atlantans. By comparison, Gwinnett County withdrew an average of 74.2 million gallons a day from the lake in May, or less than half the amount that’s disappearing in the sun’s rays.”

[Insert Broken Record]— It’s only going to get worse.

Some images of current drought conditions, drought forecast maps, For your mouth watering viewing pleasure.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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