Drought Update- Southeast May ’08

Lawmaker Brains Suffer Drought

Stupid is as stupid does….

We are in only the month of May, and these dumb ass’ are yet again lifting more Water restrictions. They are lifting restrictions in 61 North Georgia counties which required them to reduce water use by 10%. They also lifted restrictions in central and southern counties. All of this while North Georgia remains in a severe or Extreme Drought.

I still don’t understand their thinking. Water flows North to South. The North where the South gets it’s water is ‘Still’ under Extreme Drought conditions.

In my last Drought Update- Southeast April ’08 I reported: “Lake Lanier at this time unlike last year[2007] is well below historic mean for 04/15/08 with a level of 1057.4. In October of 2007 the lake level was at 1055.91. The Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring months are the time of Water Regeneration in the Southeast. As you can see from the levels and dates above, the lake has only risen about 1.5 Feet over this period of regeneration. The current level for Sunday, April 27, 2008, is 1057.54 which is a gain of little more than a tenth of an inch.”

At this time Lake Lanier which Atlanta Georgia draws most of it’s water, stands at 1057.52. From the earlier level of 1057.54 it has dropped 2 one hundredths of an inch. It has NOT RISEN. It is still RECEDING. Do the Lawmakers Not see this?

A Report Dated April 24, 2008 from The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences tells what the coming year brings. I would think the Lawmakers are aware of this situation? Here is and Excerpt. From the title and header the Lawmakers should have all the information they need; should they read it.

[Begin Snip]

Drought lingers across north Georgia

Georgia’s moisture recharge period is over.

If Georgia has normal weather this summer, we can expect the soils to continue to dry out and groundwater levels, stream flows and reservoir levels to drop across the entire state.

[End Snip]

If thats Not enough to convince Lawmakers of the situation, the first 5 paragraphs would. Again, should they read it.

[Begin Snip]

Winter and early spring rains have helped, but north Georgia remains in severe to extreme drought. The northern coastal plain is abnormally dry. Moisture conditions for the southern coastal plain along the Florida border are near normal for now.

From Oct. 1 through the middle of April is considered Georgia’s moisture recharge period, when the state typically gets more rain than moisture loses due to evaporation and plant use.

North Georgia didn’t receive enough rain to fully recharge soil moisture, groundwater, streams or reservoirs. Since Oct. 1, north Georgia has received only 70 percent to 80 percent of normal rainfall.

Most north Georgia streams are at or near record low flows for late April. At many locations, only 1986 and 2007 stream flows were lower than they are now.

Both Lake Lanier and Lake Hartwell are well below desired levels for late April. Smaller reservoirs are near full, though. However, with the extremely low stream flows across north Georgia, these smaller reservoirs must be managed well because drought conditions are expected to continue.

[End Snip]

Also in my last report I said, “For the Atlanta,GA. area, what we see as the only remedy at this time is a Land falling Hurricane or Tropical system which lingers and dumps copious amounts of rain.” Again At this time, this is the only way the Southeast will recover form Drought. Summer is just around the corner and so are the Trickling Implications

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