When in Drought, Do Without

This is another, ‘WTF’ Are Lawmakers Thinking……….This time on the Local Level.

8:38 PM EST

Georgia(USA) State officials are considering easing restrictions on Outdoor watering instated last year due to the Drought. They say this consideration is based on Recent Rainfall and Snow in the area, that THEY say has Replenished the lakes. However, Some Officials do Not agree; Neither do I.

Keeping this short…..They are basing this on Recent Rainfall

Look at these 2 graphs of Lake Levels in the Drought stricken area.
The main Lake to concentrate on for this report is Lake Lanier from which Atlanta receives most of it’s Drinking water. From October 2007 to January 2008 Lake Lanier has Dropped 4.57 FT. From the Summer Full Pool level of 1071.00FT, it is still down almost 20ft at 1051.43Ft.[Actual reading- 19.57Ft down from full pool] I guess these Lawmakers didn’t look at this information, or as usual when making Laws Just don’t care.

From October 26,2007 [click to enlarge]:

From January 27,2008 [click to enlarge]:

It seems to some of these leaders, they will not be happy until the levels are so low the water wont be accessible.

So I ask again, ‘WTF’ Are Lawmakers Thinking………….


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