Drought to Continue, Worsen

60+ Days of the reported 90 Day Supply of Water GONE

— Worst-case analysis indicate that Lake Lanier, the main water source for Atlanta, could be drained dry within four months.~October 16, 2007


What are you doing in 2008?
If you live in the southeast, you may be Moving ‘SOON’.

From earlier post

Drought USA: Trickling Implications 10/11/2007
“Very little reporting can be found in print, television or the internet. Sure what you will find, are all the Normal Government reporting sites via a search engine. What you won’t find are the possible implications.”

“Think of all the bad things that happened during Hurricanes Katrina&Rita, and afterwards. The same can and will happen during a Drought.”

“The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects below-average rainfall for at least another year There’s now talk of reservoirs eventually running dry, of drinking water supplies possibly endangered.”

There is Nothing short of what some will call a Miracle that will solve this problem. There is No Human Solution that will stop Water consumption. To live you must have it.

Since the post mentioned above things have not improved, including any possible solution. The solutions they have come up with will in NO way stop this from happening. Demand has out-grown the supply. In one article dated 10/20/2007 AP reported: “Scorching summer temperatures and a drier-than-normal hurricane season fueled the drought. State climatologist David Stooksbury, who said it will take months of above average rainfall to replenish the system, is now predicting the drought could worsen if “La Nina” conditions develop and bring little winter rainfall.” and “With the South in the grip of an epic drought and its largest city holding less than a 90-day supply of water, officials are scrambling to deal with the worst-case scenario: What if Atlanta’s faucets really do go dry?”

Not One Presidential Candidate has uttered a word about the Drought [to my knowledge]and the catastrophic Implications or what might be done to avoid them. WHY? Because there is NO solution. The only thing to do is watch it happen.

Get the picture……These 2 Lake Level graphs should help.

This one dated October 26,2007 shows Lake Lanier at a Pool Elevation of 1056.00 FT. [click image to enlarge]

This one dated December 25,2007 shows Lake Lanier at a Pool Elevation of 1050.90 FT. [click image to enlarge]

As you can see from the graphs Lake Lanier continues to dry up. From October’07 to December’07 Lake Lanier has dropped 5.1 Feet. It is projected to drop another 3.4 Feet by January 18,2008 I also noted on the bottom of the graphHERE, they mention “Bottom of Conservation”. Is this the level at which Lake Lanier No Longer will provide water to Atlanta and beyond? If it is you better start stocking up now. From it’s current level to the Bottom of Conservation it only has to fall another 15 Feet. This may sound like a lot, but with NO appreciable Rain and consumption draining the rest, you have until March’08 at best.

In short- Rationing water is the only solution. They are preparing. Are you prepared for the coming CHAOS?

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