Drought, What Drought…………….

This isn’t about the Economy or The survival of business. It’s about Human Survival.

I must have missed something? At least you don’t pay my salary!

What the hell are you thinking? Never mind,………..don’t tell me, I know the answer, you weren’t. If you were thinking I hope you didn’t/don’t receive pay for doing little, this late in the game.
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A little late, Little being done

Who the Hell is in Charge of Monitoring the Water Supply for a Major Metropolis?
Who the Hell is in Charge of making the ‘Life Altering Decisions’, where what is at stake is, “The Hub of The South” being Atlanta, Ga. with 5+ Million Human Beings, or an ‘Endangered Species’ being Mussels.
How do you choose between the city of Atlanta and other City’s down river with a form of life that is thriving, and a soon to be extinct mussel? It appears the soon to be Extinct Mussels have won and Receive all the Life sustaining Liquid they need, and then some.

The decision to let the water flow down the Chattahoochee to the Gulf of Mexico was made long before the Lack of Rainfall created the Drought. They have been bickering back and forth about the survival of the mussels for over a year and a half, about the time it started getting dry in the Southeast.

How could you ‘Not See’ this coming

With all the equipment and technology, with all the reporting stations, with the general public scratching their heads wondering what YOU are going too do about this situation, the best YOU can do is ask that Utilities & Permit Holders Reduce Water Use by 10 Percent. Maybe YOU should have done this a year and a half ago, maybe it would have made a difference at that time, but now it is a little too late. Georgia’s major federal reservoirs, such as West Point Lake and Lake Lanier, continue to dwindle as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sends billions of gallons of water downstream every day despite the impact their actions will have on Georgia’s water supply and its citizens.

“I encourage all Georgians to make their dry lawns and dirty cars a badge of honor”, said Gobernor Sonny Perdue.

I wonder if the state is doing their part by not washing their cars or watering the lawns of the federal buildings? I also wonder how Sonny Perdues’ farm around the Kathleen/Perry Ga. area is doing.

On another note

Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida argued in a letter to President Bush,”Allowing Georgia to fight drought by slowing water flow into Florida would imperil commercial fishing along the Florida Panhandle”. Crist urged Bush not to let Georgia move forward with a water-saving plan to slow the flow from reservoirs into rivers that eventually reach Florida.

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue has sued to try to force the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to curb the release of water from North Georgia lakes into rivers that make their way to the Gulf of Mexico through the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola River basin. The corps controls water releases in the basin. Georgia officials want to reduce the depletion of reservoir levels into early next year, so that no more water flows out than is coming in. But doing so would hurt the Apalachicola River and Apalachicola Bay “resulting in a profound disruption of the socio-economic foundation in Florida’s Panhandle region,” Crist wrote in the letter dated Wednesday.


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