Drought USA: Trickling Implications

You may not be aware of the current drought occurring in the U.S.. The Southeast and the West are enduring EXTREME Drought Conditions. The Media doesn’t seem to think this is Snooze worthy. Very little reporting can be found in print, television or the internet. Sure what you will find, are all the Normal Government reporting sites via a search engine. What you won’t find are the possible implications.


Most in the U.S. don’t think about water unless going to the beach, a Hurricane is headed your way or they are without it. When I say without water, I mean there is a disruption in your normal service for a few hours. What would happen if you were without water for day’s, even Months?

Think of the Drought as being the reverse of a hurricane. After all this is what it is. The only difference is the amount of liquid involved. They both have the same affect, They will have the same implications.

Think of all the bad things that happened during Hurricanes Katrina&Rita, and afterwards. The same can and will happen during a Drought.

Scenario- Focus on the Southeast:

In the Southeast there is a major metropolitan area being effected, The City of Atlanta,Georgia. Atlanta has been in at least a moderate drought for more than a year. In August, the drought was upgraded to a D4, or exceptional, level. That’s the top of the drought scale, the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane. And based on global weather patterns, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects below-average rainfall for at least another year There’s now talk of reservoirs eventually running dry, of drinking water supplies possibly endangered. But did we prepare? No, not really. It’s been years since the last big drought.

So it happens, but as usual you didn’t see it coming.
There is NO water for 5 million people.
None to Drink except what you have stored.

Days pass and still no water. The stores are empty of all Liquid refreshment. You haven’t had a bath or been able to flush the toilet. 5 million are restless as FEMA supply’s run out. People are Dieing in the streets. Riots break out.
How do you control this?

Martial Law?

Remember what happened during hurricane Katrina. Once Martial Law is /was declared, you were at the mercy of Military personal. They had you stay in place. They forbid you to protect yourself and belongings by confiscating your firearm. They brought you No relief. In time, Many died.

All systems are down

In the Long Term, it will be much worse during a drought. After Katrina they began the restoration process, restoring power and rebuilding. This won’t be the case during drought. There will be nothing to rebuild. It will all still be there, except for the people. Were did 5 million people go? With No running infrastructure due to the Lack of water to generate electricity all Basic systems and services are down. From washing your hands, too supplying you electricity. Water does it all.
No water, No life.

Recent [click for fullsize] Images:

Animated .gif

Where may this all lead- Water Wars????


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